Cognac Cocktails

Ways of Drinking Cognac

Cognac can be enjoyed in many ways: as a digestif or aperitif, straight or mixed with a little pure water, with ice or even in cocktails. Cognac and Pineau can even be used in cuisine as an ideal way to enrich the flavour of a dish and make sauces richer.


Although the idea of the Cognac drinker sat in his armchair by the chimney, cigar in one hand, warming a glass of Cognac in the other has not yet disappeared, Cognac is now enjoyed in many other ways, by people from all walks of life.


"Cognac on the rocks" has become a very popular aperitif. The ice softens the Cognac by chilling it, without diluting its flavour. The BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac) has even gone so far as to endorse this new style of consumption in an advertising campaign.


Cocktail du château

Taken from La Cuisine du Cognac et du Pineau, Ed. L'Hydre, 1998

By J-J Destrieux, from the Restaurant du château in Jarnac.

    * 5 measures of passion fruit juice,
    * 3 measures of freshly squeezed orange juice,
    * 1 measure of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice,
    * 1 measure of apricot juice,
    * 2 measures of Cognac.

Mix the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker and decorate the glass with a slice of orange and a strawberry.




Cocktail Gourmandière

Created by Philippe and Patrick Béraud from La Gourmandière in Pérignac

    * 3 cl of Cognac,
    * 4.5 cl of pink grapefruit juice,
    * 7,5 cl of Champagne brut.

Put the Cognac and the grapefruit juice into a glass, top up with the Champagne.



Le Grain de Foli's

Created by Francine Pineau from the Restaurant du Golf in Saint-Brice.

    * 50 cl of chilled peach tea
    * 18 cl of cognac VSOP
    * 2 cl of peach sirop
    * 2 cl of strawberry sirop
    * squeeze of lemon juice
    * sprig of mint .

Mix all of the ingredients together, except the mint, and serve very chilled. Decorate the glass with the sprig of mint.