Pineau des Charentes Blanc

Made from grapes from old vineyards of Ugni Blanc over 40 years, planted on clay-limestone and hand-harvested. Subtle alloy brandy of Cognac and grape juice, the Pineau des Charentes is aged over 18 months in oak barrels.

Food pairing :

This Pineau des Charentes Blanc can be consumed as an aperitif. It goes wonderfully with foie gras or roquefort. It brings to a tasting of oysters additional freshness. It should be served well chilled but not iced, and especially without ice.


Cocktail Idea :

"Pineau Islands" by Olivier L'Apart Meurice in Paris

1 cl mango syrup

7 cl pineapple juice

3 cl orange juice

4 cl of Pineau des Charentes Blanc

Mix all ingredients in a shaker and pour into a long drink. Add a dash of strawberry syrup.

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