Cognac VSOP

Made from water-to-life of more than eight years, this Cognac VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) has an amber color with copper highlights. The nose is complex but fruity and woody, there have already been foreshadowed a great harmony. The mouth offers a beautiful volume which enthroned melted vanilla aromas of cinnamon, candied fruit ... It sees a harmony between warmth and tannic structure, coated with a soft creamy. The finish is full, persistent, spicy and woody. A Cognac attractive.


Food pairing :

Cognac is a complex that is eaten as a digestive nature. A drink in a snifter tulip or onion type.

Gold Master the European Masters in Luxembourg in 2002


Cocktail Idea :

For this cognac, prefer to combine with a cigar. He will accompany you for dinner as a digestive wonderful with coffee or soaked into a sugar.

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