Cognac VS

Eau-de-vie de Cognac, 100% Fins Bois, the VS (Very Special) lets discover a golden color. The nose is fruity (peach, apple, vanilla) with woody notes. The vivid and powerful mouth reveals a certain stature and gives us a final vanilla.


Food pairing :

The VS can just as easily be consumed as an aperitif with mineral water or tonic, but you can also seduce end of the meal as a digestive. Its fruity notes and vanilla will seduce you.


Cocktail Idea :

"Cocktail party" by Patrice Bliss Mill Marcouze.

1.5 cl Cognac VS

1 sugar soaked in Angostura

14 cl Champagne

Put sugar in bottom of the flute, pour in cognac and fill with champagne.

Cognac VS

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